Yarrabee Native Garden
50 West Gateway
Lara Vic 3212
This 5 acre property was purchased in 1982. At the time it was flat flood prone farm land.  It took over 2 years to bring in 100's of tonnes of clean fill to build up the property.  First on the agenda was building the dam which is filled with natural run off water.
Steve plant over 2,000 sugar gums around the perimeter of the property.  Many of these gums have since been replaced with she-oak’s due to us not being able to plant anything near these tress as they emit a chemical into the soil whereby nothing can
Steve's family helped bring in the thousands of boulders and rocks from round Lara to create the 3ponds, waterfall and garden beds. In 19089 Steve built the house as an owner builder. Later on he built the bar-be-que building.
Over the next few years, we created a rose and citrus garden. Around the perimeter of the property we cut down the sugar gums and replaced them with over 600 river she-oak trees.  These tress provide a great wind break around the property and make a lovely looking forest of trees.   Walking paths and brides have been built so that you can wonder around the dam and through the mass planting of over 300 bottlebrushes.
In December 2009 we decided to stop the birds eating all the fruit from the trees and covered the Orchard which is 25m x 40m with bird netting.  The orchard comprises of over 38+ fruit trees, in all of which you will find plums, apples, quinces, figs, pear, apricots and guava trees.  Also housed under the bird netting are 180+ strawberries and 35_ loganberry, Inca berry, raspberries and blackberry plants.
In 2010 we redeveloped the front garden. We removed all the sugar gums in the front of the house and crated paths to the new garden beds.  We have planted a wide range of drought tolerant plants.  You can now stroll past Qld bottle trees, grevilleas, correas, eremophilias, germaniums, salvias, kangaroo paws and crepe myrtles and many more.... It also features many bulbs which flower through the year.
In July 2012 we built 10 veggie beds.  These were made out of wood and recycled corrugated iron.  The beds now hold carrots, potatoes, radishes, tomatoes, peas, beetroot, lettuce, corn onions and the list goes on............ In November we put up a glass house, now we are trying propagating the many plants we have throughout the garden.
It has taken many, many years to get the garden where it is now and we have found that it is an ever changing scenery.  Just like everyone else we have had to replace many of our plants, this may have been due to frosts, floods or they just didn't like the pot they were in.
Over 38 fruit trees in all of which you will find
  • plums
  • apricots
  • apples
  • pears
  • quince
  • figs
  • pineapple and Red Cherry guarva
  • plumcote
  • mulberries
  • strawberries
  • loganberries
  • inca berries  and many many more 
Rocks for the waterfall were brought in from around the Lara area to create this 3metres cascading falls.
It is concrete based and has 2 pumps which pumps out water at 600 lpm.
During summer the waterfall comes alive with waterlilies.